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Dead battery - high voltage readout
It appears the battery for the starboard engine on my 31" Tiara Open is dead as I need to push the button between the keys to start the engine. I noticed that when I hit about 3200 RPM the volt meter jumps into red territory. 

Is this the high voltage reading a function of a dead battery or is something else going on?

Can anyone recommend a boat electrician in the Seattle area who might check this out?

Thank you very much!
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If the battery were pretty worn down and calling for charge, you might see the voltage running high. Keep in mind on a Tiara, one motor charges the starting batteries and the other motor charges the house.

You know you have a bad battery. Replace it first and see if that resolved the issue before spending any $$ on an electrician.

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Agree with Misdirection and would add to check/clean all battery connections. If you have a digital volt meter your battery should show about 12.2-12.4 volts with engine off and charging system off and around 10 volts while cranking. when engine running or on charger you should see around 13.8 volts
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Misdirection (07-15-2019)
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