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Gas or Diesel 3100 Open
I am currently looking at a 1998 Tiara 3100 with 454 Crusader engines (600 hr) and a 2001 3100 with Cummins 6BTA engines (1100 hr).  The price difference is approximately $20,000 higher for the 2001.  I will use the vessel in Naples, Florida, mostly for family day trips and costal cruising/fishing, with an occasional trip to the Keys.  I have never owned a diesel, but have had numerous gas powered cruisers in the midwest.  Reviewing posts on the subject, I'm still unsure which is the best way to go, as both are in Bristol condition with detailed service records.  The initial cost is not my main concern, but rather which set up would be best for my intended use and the fact that we are not full-time in Florida as of yet. The vessel will be slipped and used when we are in Florida, which is approximately 2 weeks a month from November - March and a week a month from April- October.  Any comments regarding which set up would be best for my particular situation would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks, Tom
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$20K buys alot of gas. Unless you plan on running off shore where you need the range, gas motors in that size of boat do just fine.

As far as the hours on the motors go, I just passed 4200 hours on my crusader 454 with no major overhaul in that time, just a valve job.

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Thanks for the reply! Any issues with the Crusaders being slipped and ran exclusively in salt water?
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I'm up in the great lakes, so I don't need to worry about salt. But they should be fresh water cooled where the salt water never goes thru the block. That is true regardless if their gas or diesel.

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Thanks, really appreciate it
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I owned a 1997 31 Open w/454 FI Crusaders for over 10 years in salt water. Engines were fresh water cooled and never had a problem with them. As previously stated you want engines fresh water cooled. Don't think Tiara offered engines WITHOUT fresh water cooling... We traveled extensively all over the east coast each summer from our home port on the north shore of Long Island as far south as the Chesapeake, north to Montreal CA, and east to Boston and points north of Boston. Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard and Block Island were other places traveled to... Engines never let us down and speed/fuel consumption weren't bad... Cruised @ 23+ knots with a fuel burn of 30-32 GPH at 3200-3400...Prefect boat/engine setup.. Believe majority of 31's were powered by 454 Crusaders... M2C
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My 36 has Crusaders and is raw water cooled. I think that was an option on some of the older Tiara's, especially up here on the Great Lakes.

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My 41 has Cats and is in salt water. It has a fitting and ball valve on every strainer. Shut off the seacocks, hook up a hose to the fitting on the end of the dall valve anr run the system. It will flush the saalt from the engines, A/C and generator. I use it if the boat is going to set awhile.
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Thanks for the replies, great information!
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