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Surveying a 2003 35 Open
In contract, lining up surveys now.

The current owner bought in 2012 and I have a copy of that survey. Only issue then was a moist area port side, on the hull side aft of the engine room intake. They did a core sample which showed to be structurally intact and acceptable and the deal was made at that time. The hole repair was perfect, the seller showed me the spot and we could not detect the repair. I then went back to the boat with my moisture meter, she's on a floater and I was able to pull her tight to the dock and test the area with my meter and tap it out. Still shows high moisture which I would expect as the skin was not removed but it tapped out solid. Appears the intrusion is through the engine intake vent? Is this a common issue and repairable within reason? I haven't investigated it in detail yet.

That same day I moisture metered whatever I could - the hardtop topside and underside, the bow deck, gunnels, transom and cabin headliner, paying careful attention around all hardware, hatches, ports, etc. All I found was a very small area around the port outrigger base which may have even just been the metal from the base screwing with the meter.

What other known hot spots for moisture are there? Hull side at anchor locker drain?

Formal survey and engine surveys being scheduled this week to take place over the next two weeks.

Appreciate all feedback.

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bwoods94 (11-27-2016)
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From the research I did prior to submitting a contract, it would appear that both Tiara and Pursuit are prone to water intrusion around the plastic thru hulls.

This opinion is worth what you paid for it.

Tiara 4000 Express with Cummins 6CTA8.3s
St. Augustine, Florida
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Thanks for that Paul. With the anchor locker drain being one of those. Will concentrate survey efforts accordingly..
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Surveyed last week. As expected, random areas of moisture found in hull sides around some thru hulls, under 2 port holes and under 1 molded engine vent. Hull soundings were all solid. Photos and details of findings have been provided to a fiberglass guy who has done a number of Tiara's locally. Will get a scope of work and pricing and present to broker & seller...
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Hey Rob, good news actually. All easily and relatively inexpensively fixed.

So far, it looks like the brokers and sellers understand the market and the value of "the bird in hand". Hope all works out.

This opinion is worth what you paid for it.

Tiara 4000 Express with Cummins 6CTA8.3s
St. Augustine, Florida
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Thanks Paul

1. My boat is sold
2. I am all cash, no financing
3. Seller has his next boat already
4. Seller does not have a note on the Tiara

I do have a few things in my favor...

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Hi we are beginning same process for an '01 3500 open, did you have to repair moisture damage thank you Bob stuart fl

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I replace 3 thru hulls on mine ,same thing port side
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This is simple fix, but it is more than just replacing the fittings. The through hull holes need to be routed out around the fittings to get rid of the wet wood around the edges. When dry, fill in the edges with epoxy, sand and then reinstall a proper through hull and hold it in place with 4200. The best time to do the repair is during an extended lay up period like over the winter. The interior of the hull can be drilled carefully with drying holes and warm air blown into the area until the moisture meter reads dry along the entire hull side. Then fill the drying holes with epoxy and gel coat them with the white gel Tiara uses for the inside of hulls. The rear scupper is essentially done the same way. The plastic scupper fitting was available last year from the factory so it should be easy to find an exact copy. Again, take it all apart and dry it with heat. Coat the raw exposed wood with a West System epoxy or equivalent to keep the water out. Then install a new plastic scupper using 4200 and the area will stay dry. Best to do this while you are enjoying the boat and there is no damage vs. fixing it at the time of sale at possibly a greater cost. Tiara really should do a better job with this issue. It is pretty common and somewhat shameful for a premium brand company. 
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I think I am due for the scupper repair. How to remove the old one, can it be pried off or does it come off in pieces?
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