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Adding a generator to a 3100
Hello All!

Has anyone added a generator to a 3100 gas engine boat?
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When I was at Tiara we had quite a few owners add generators to their boats. Its a pretty straight forward project. Usually the boat is already wired for the genny.
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What year 3100? I haven't installed one but I have seen a 2001 Pursuit 3100 with one installed in between the engines... towards the aft. It was a bit tight but very doable.
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I think we are talking about a 96. If the hull number begins with ssus1 that is the later model 31 and the genset would go between the engines at the back if the engine room. Tiara uses Westerbeake generators.
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May 29 Tiara come to me with an after market generator install. It was placed between the engines of an already extremely cramped engine compartment. The biggest issue with the install is that the floor was not strong enough or reinforced. now the generator is falling into the bilge. I am not looking forward to pulling it out and fixing the engine compartment floor!
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A factory install in a 31 would have the generator base secured in between the stringers with the stringers bearing the weight.
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Does anyone know where the gen would have been on a 94 3100 open? Is it crazy to think about installing a honda air cooled inverter gen. I use them alot in my work and they are super quite and very dependable and reasonably priced. Just looking at my options. Also wondering if anyone has cleaver ideas for a live well placement. Boat has a ice maker where i would have put the bait well. Im on the fence about the ice maker. I spend alot of time in the bahamas so it could come in handy. Thanks. Scott
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Mounting a Honda genset in your gas engine ER would not be a good idea. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it could be a potential fire/explosion hazard.
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First - new generation (1992.5 and newer - If the 31 Tiara has a transom door it is a new generation 31) 31 Tiaras (gas) used 5.0 Westerbeke generators mounted aft between the engines in the engine compartment. Older gen 31s mounted them in the aft lazzarette behind the fuel tanks. Any generator manufacturer will work provided it fits, allows access to service points and is large enough to handle the load you are looking to put on it and most importantly it is marine certified and water cooled! I personally would have a qualified marine generator company install it. There is too much to go wrong if you don't know exactly what you are doing. An intake through hull will have to be installed, fuel systems connections, along with a muffler/exhaust system and then the electrical wiring. Anyone of these things done incorrectly can be very dangerous.

P.S. - Air-cooled generators do not meet U.S. Coast Guard standards for being mounted inside the hull of a vessel! Gas generator exhaust contains carbon monoxide which is deadly if inhailed in high enough concentrations. Setting a self contained, air cooled generator anywhere in the cockpit or helm deck to power the vessels electrical system is a recipe for disaster! The exhaust will find its way into the cabin and could have deadly results! The other issue is that an air-cooled generator is not ignition protected! It could easily ignite fuel vaports and turn your boat into a bomb!
Chris Burkard
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I have a slightly different situation, with twin cummins diesels in a 2004 3100, so wondering how it would work to install a diesel generator in this space? Has anyone done this and which product? What happens when trying to get at the transmissions to check the oil, and/or add?
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Adding a generator to a 310000