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House bank battery charger
Can someone tell me where the house bank battery charger is located on a 2001  4100 Open? A previous owner removed it and used the engine bank charger for both house and engine banks.
Thanks in advance.
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I don't know where it would be but just some information for you. I own a 2000 3500 Open and there is only 1 battery charger that has 3 banks. So, one box control both the house and engine battery banks and 1 spare. 2001 I would assume you have a Charles charger? IF so, probably 60 amp I am guessing. My is also a Charles 60 amp 3 bank charger. 
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Thanks for the response. I have a 50 amp 3 bank Charles charger. It is located in a cabinet under the stove top. This appears to be a factory install. I believe there was a second charger because there are breaker switches for both house and engine bank battery chargers on the breaker panel in the engine room, and the electrical schematic in the manual shows a 50 amp engine bank charger and a 70 amp house bank charger. I cannot locate any tell tale signs of where the house bank charger was located. This is what I was hoping someone could point out for me.
The 50 amp charger doesn't seem to be enough for two banks of 3 size 31 AGMs. Any suggestions?
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I own a 2003 38 Open and one charger, the house bank, is located in the cabin behind a panel on the starboard side. The second charger, for the engine batteries,  is located in the engine room on the forward engine room bulkhead..... There both Charles charges although the one in the engine room is physically smaller but with the same capability....... M2C.... Hope this helps
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Just verify the one in the engine room is not the Alternator Regulator, I have same unit in the engine room that is also made by Charles. It basically regulates the power from the alternators to the batteries. And, I also have 2 separate breakers for my engine charger and house charger but only have one charger. Couple reason I believe for that I won't get into here but lots of redundancy on Tiaras. I will also apologize if you guys already know this stuff as it is hard to determine that on the internet, not trying to insult your intelligence just trying to help so I apologize now.  Wink
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The charger in the engine compartment is a C-Charles LT-12PREG... Also there are 2 voltage regulators on the forward firewall for the Balmar engine alternators (6CTA Cummins)......Configuration on a 35 open w/370 Cummins may be different....
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LT-12 PREG is (according to the Charles Charger website) an alternator regulator, not a battery charger per se. Actually it points to the manual for the alternator regulator and is the same model I have in my 35. Battery charger should be something like 5000SP , 2000SP 9000 SP Charger or some type of designation like that. PREG is an alternator regulator. 
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My boat has no open space on the forward engine room bulkhead for even a small battery charger. I would like to stay uniform with Charles chargers and alt regulators although they don't offer a remote panel for their battery chargers. Any suggestions on a different brand of charger that offers a remote panel? I just need a suitable place to place the charger with in distance of the bus bars inside the engine room breaker panel.
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My bad..... Trit21 is correct..... It's am alternator regulator......
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My recommendation at this point is to try and look at the connections on the battery charger you can get to and see if 2 of the banks are connected. On my 12405, 40 amp not 60 as I stated above (my bad), there is a small screw on the cover that once removed you can slid the cover up to see the connections. My guess is that this one charger is charging both port and starboard battery banks. If 2 banks are connected with a thick wire, then that is most likely the case. 
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