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'87 2700 Open - Water intrusion
Has anyone experienced water intrusion in the cabin? It appears water is coming in thru the table pedestal. The pedestal actually extends thru the floor when set up as a bunk. I took the pedestal out to see what's going on and found standing water in the bilge under the cabin floor. The weep hole drain is clear to allow water drain aft into the bilge outside of the cabin where the forward pump is, and there is minimal water, not enough to pump out. When the water fills up from rain or washing, the water comes up into the cabin before my automatic float switch engages the bilge pump.

I've though about installing a 3rd pump under the cabin floor, but do not have the height clearance, as the hull is only about 3"-4" to the bottom of the cabin floor. Also, aft of the pedestal is a center stringer which would prevent me from being able to install an access hatch. Not sure what I should do to stop the water. ANy ideas or experience with this? Bang Head
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Dave W (07-24-2017)
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Does the water drain out through a limber hole when the bow is up high and you are on plane?
Capt. George
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A while back I owned a 1988 27 Open.  The situation you are describing is not unusual.  To remove the water, purchase a Beckson Thirsty-Mate, the classic manual pump.  Pump said water into a bucket. No need for an electrical pump as the water issue only occurs rarely.  The problem only happened on our boat when we slept aboard with a mostly empty fuel tank.  

As I recall, the massive stringers are hollow.  Bilge water further aft (engine area) drains through limber holes in the stringers to get to the electric pump in the deepest part of the bilge.  Some water does not completely traverse the stringer and runs forward and becomes trapped in the forward bilge area which is only accessible through the table base.

Enjoy the boat!  Once I replaced the shaft packing material with GFO our bilge was totally dry, even after a heavy rain.
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Dave W (07-24-2017)
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I Have a 84 2700 open with the same issue.
I have been chasing the problem as well.
The only thing I have found is to shop vacuum it out while in port.
Cannot figure out how it is getting in. I thought it was coming from the forward bilge.
After I vacuumed it out, I plugged the bulkhead drains in front of the batteries with rubber expanding plugs.
Water still showed up under the floor in the front??
Looking to seal up wherever it is coming from. just haven't found it yet.
Any help, suggestions are appreciated
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Have an 1985 with the same issue but worse.  The water stays in the center stringer and does not fully drain.  The water stays up against the bulkhead which rotted out.  I added a drain to the center stringer after repairing the bulkhead.
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