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Hydraulic Steering Level
I have a 1996 Express 40 and I suspect my hydraulic steering fluid may be low. There are no leaks in the system:
Question: How do you check the fluid level for the hydraulic steering? I have been all through the owners manual and cannot find any reference for checking or maintenance. I do see the oil fill port located at the helm. However, no dip stick is present to determine if there is an appropriate amount of fluid in the system, nor do I see any way to check levels when lifting the helm station and viewing from behind. Should I see fluid in the cylinder when I open the fill cap? Also, what is the recommended hydraulic fluid? Thanks for the help
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CaptBrett (07-09-2017)
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I've added a very small amount of hydraulic fluid, made specifically for the system (hynautic steering fluid) to my system to ensure it was full.. Remove the fill cap near or on the helm steering wheel and use the adapter (Tiara provided when boat was delivered) to connect the steering station fill to the quart bottle of hynautic steering fluid ( may need to put a small hole in the bottle to allow air to enter the bottle.. Turn the wheel to the stops and then in the other direction. If needed fluid will go from the bottle to the helm system by itself. When the system is full it should be near or at the top.. M2C.
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CaptBrett (07-09-2017)
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Thank you! I will need to find the adaptor. Thanks again.
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