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[2002 38 Open] Suggestions for outriggers
The time has come to consider adding outriggers to my 2002 38 Open. In general, [like everyone] I don't like drilling holes and adding non-factory options to the boat and certainly don't want to change the "clean" look, so hoping some of you have added riggers either on the hardtop or radar arch that look really clean. I'm not married to Taco Grand Slams, just they seem to be the cleanest/lowest profile ones out there and I see a lot of them. I could really use some advice & photos.

Thanks much!
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I have a 2000 41 Open with a set of 21' riggers mounted to the  Lee's Wishbone style of mount. They are mounted on the side of the radar arch and work pretty well. They are fairly low profile to the side and stay out of the way when walking to the front of the boat. I can deploy them, even in rough seas, without much effort and they are pretty stable. They do require a bit of maintenance every few trips. I find that if I take a little WD40 sprayed on a paper towel and just wipe the part of the shaft that slides through the wishbone it will allow the riggers to drop down and be pulled back up much easier that if they are dry.

Paul S    
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