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Tiara Coronet DC Panel
Have 3 helm breakers on a 2013 Coronet. anyone know what the Helm C breaker powers?
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My diagram for the 52 shows the A bus powering blowers, nav lighting and horn; B bus powering wipers, windshield vent and panel lights; C bus powering cablemaster, helm air, courtesy lights, engine room lights and a few other things specific to the 52. May or may not be similar to your Coronet. I can usually locate circuits not listed in the diagram by looking at the back of the helm circuit breaker panel. It's not difficult to see which breakers are connected to which feed wires.

Drop Tiara a note with your HIN and they will send you the wiring schematic. Very helpful to have.
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Or just shut it off and see what doesn't work.
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(05-10-2019, 06:24 PM)Sans Peur Wrote: Or just shut it off and see what doesn't work.

Thanks, helpful answer
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It wasn't meant to be a smart ass answer. It was a serious one, not to mention very effective.
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