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Aftercooler & Heat exchanger maintenance
Time for the periodic cleaning of the aftercoolers and heat exchangers. Thinking of doing myself this go around to save a few bucks but engines still under extended warranty. I am going to enlist the help of a friend who has done this maintenance many times. Anyone see any issues?
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Did the aftercoolers on my Cummin's 6CTA's (8.3 450hp) several years ago and was no big deal. Not sure which Cummin's you have but it should be similar. Needed 4 new O rings and special grease used during reassembly. Purchased the O Rings from a local Cummin's dealer and the grease from the auto parts store. Removal and disassembly was relatively easy. Reassembly and install was easy as well... Had the internals of the aftercooler cleaned by a radiator shop,  I've attached a  web site that discusses how to do the job w/pictures. Should be relatively easy to do. M2C

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Make sure you stay on top of them. The previous owner of my Tiara apparently didn't do such a good job. I have had the boat for a year and just pulled mine. BOTH were leaking and had cracks in them. I am still not sure how it didn't wipe one or both engines. Mine were not repairable and I had to purchase new ones at $4,200 Each plus other parts and labor. That was $12k I hadn't planned to spend.
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