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Tiara Open Fuel Pickup for the Generator
I have been running this boat for a year now and love it. Last week we went over to the Bahamas all the way around to Green Turtle Cay in the Abacos (160 miles one way) when I arrived with a little less than 1/2 tanks the genny had stopped about a half hour before. It would not run because it was out of fuel. I tried to prime the system but couldn't get it to pump fuel.
I went to a fuel dock and filled up both tanks $$$$$ Shock . Soon as I did the genny was able to get fuel and ran like a champ again.  Yesterday it did the same thing on the way back. I figure they made the fuel pickup for the generator higher in the tank so it won't be able too drain it and you lose fuel to the starboard engine. Ok, I get it, but at around 1/2 tank?

Anybody else experience this?
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I believe Tiara usually bottoms the generator pickup at 25% tank capacity. Depending on sea state the gen could pull air at a higher fuel level. 1/2 tank however sounds way too high. Possible you have a cracked pickup tube or more likely have a small air leak that manifests itself when fuel level drops and vacuum increases. Only other thing I can think of is a sender reading too high (just went through this with a friends boat). If you filled up both tanks however that pretty much takes it off the table.
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Same problem basically in same area of Bahamas. To make this short my 42 Open the generator would shut off (fuel starvation) with approximately 125 gallons of fuel still on board. The 42 holds 525 gallons and quite frankly I thought that was too much fuel still on board to shit off generator. Solution is to replace fuel pickup with longer pickup tube. Enjoy your Tiara I did mine!

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I have the same issue with my 38 open...the genny shuts off when I get down to about 125 gallons. It happens every time when running back and forth to the Bahamas. I'm going to try a longer pickup tube and see if that works.
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I haven't looked very hard but usually a pickup is welded in. Are they bolted on the Tiara's?
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