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simrad ap44
is this true this has no on and off switch??? so it always stays on??? and once your up and running how do you actually get it to work???? what button or switch do you use???? im lost, lol , obviously eh....
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I'd suggest you Google and download the users manual for a complete set of instructions. Buy it doesn't look like there is a power off on the unit itself. If you are underway and press the auto button, it will maintain that course. If you press standby, it will disengage the auto pilot and allow you to manually steer. You should have a power switch on your helm or in your breaker panel that you can turn it off from. On my older 36 I have both.

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Not sure of the AP 44 but on my AP24 all you do to turn off the unit is hold the "Standby" button down for a few seconds until it goes off.. M2C
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thank you guys, i got it, much appreciated
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