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Ice Maker / Filter
I have a 3500 open with the orig ice maker and getting cold but not making ice. I am thinking is the water valve or t-stat. That being said due to age I was looking at replacing with a drawer refrigerator. I don't know if I would ever get the water (even with a filter) clean enough to use for drinks. 

(Galley Novakool rfs7500 is shot as well and replacing with ISOTHERM Cruise 200) 

Has anyone had success with the external filters or even went as far as changing out to a new drawer type refrigerator? 


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I have a VitroFrigo Ice machine in my 38 Open and am quite please with its operation. Installed it in 2008 as the boat didn't have one when I purchased it. It fit in the space reserved for one right behind the helm station and installed an external water filter to ensure the water/ice was OK....I purchased the water filer from West Marine (SURFLO brand). M2C
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bruce33 (07-02-2019)
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OK , Thanks. Do you find that there is no funny taste to the ice? I am good about flushing the tanks when its been sitting a while.
I am on the fence to either repair or replace with drawer fridge.
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Your call on replacing the ice machine but after many years using an external filter I never had a comment the ice either smelled or tasted funny.... I also flush the tank prior to using for the season.. Another thing is that I DON'T use any "pink" stuff when winterizing the system for the winter as I learned a long time ago it leaves a smell/taste for a long time afterwards..... I use a compressor and blow out the lines for the winter.... Have done this for more than 20 years on my current and prior boats. Works for me and never had a problem with a broken water line.... We live on Long Island where the winters are sever enough to freeze water left in the lines.... M2C
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Mine worked great and I always changed the filter but always had in mind that I was drinking tank water via the "filtered" ice. So when mine finally quite recently, I yanked it and am in the process of retrofitting the space to a heavy duty pull out drawer for liquor bottle storage. Have kept the filter and lines in place should a return to ice maker ever be desired.

(I'm in need of a venting solution for that new storage cabinet so as to let the bottles breathe as I have a full isinglass enclosure.)
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Thanks for the reply gents. I am still a little undecided. I also blow out the lines like you ReelMagic, but did use the pink stuff this year as I was in a hurry to get winterized. I think it might boil down to the price difference between the repair of the icemaker or drawer fridge. I do like the idea of the fridge for grabbing drinks easy. Good to have choices.
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Ice Maker / Filter00