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3100 Open w/8.1 Crusaders - Alternator Question
My starboard side Alternator is not charging the house bank like it is supposed to. I took the alternator to a shop and had it tested and it tested fine. The batteries have just been replaced and I do not see any errors on the Charles Industries Regulator.I have checked all wiring and fuses, tested with ohm meter. All fine. Any suggestions? I am thinking about just replacing the entire Charles Inds system and putting regular marine 100amp alternators with built in regulators on the boat. Simplify everything. I never drain the batteries. Never on the hook over night always have access to shore power. Do I really need the fancy charging system?
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Why do you believe it's not charging correctly and did this problem exist before replacing the battery?

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Batteries went dead. They were 8 years old so I replaced them because they were due for replacing and figured they no longer holding a charge. Ran the boat and noticed I still was not charging. I used a volt meter right on the battery and on the back of the alternator and get 12.6 volts even when increasing to 1600 RPM. When I run the AC Charger the battery takes a charge. The only thing I can think of is the Sense wire from the Regulator is not telling the alternator to charge. No errors LEDS on the regulator.
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if you haven't done so, Turn the key on and without starting the engine, check the field wire at alternator for battery voltage. No volts means no excitation for the alternator and you will get no alternator output. With battery voltage present alternator should go to output voltage (13.8 - 14.2 vdc). Not unusual to have wire or connection problems back to voltage regulator. You can also check the field output wire at the VR to see if it is outputting battery voltage.
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