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Damp rid
Do u guys recommended using this for winter storage?? Where do u recommend putting them in the boat?? Do u have to change them every month??? Will they last for for about 6 or 7 months without changing them up or draining them??? Any better ideas?? I store boat inside in heated storage in Michigan
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Even if inside I think you should!
Can’t hurt
Put in head and galley

Capt Brett M Sause
USCG Master Licensed Captain
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I am in FL and the boat stays in the water 365 with no worries of cold. But, I keep an electric dehumidifier running on the counter and draining into the galley sink. This way it always runs straight out the boat. It keeps the boat very dry and I can set the humidity level to what i want.

I will say at $1,500.00 it is expensive but we never have mold or mildew on the boat. Even keeps the clothes and towels nice and dry.
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I also put a 5 gallon bucket full of charcoal (the kind that does not have the lighter fluid in it) and set it in the galley on the floor. Charcoal will absorb moisture. Then I just toss it in the dumpster come spring and save the bucket for next year. I also put baking soda in a cool whip container with out the lid in the refrigerator and ice maker.

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Thank you guys
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