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Damp rid
Do u guys recommended using this for winter storage?? Where do u recommend putting them in the boat?? Do u have to change them every month??? Will they last for for about 6 or 7 months without changing them up or draining them??? Any better ideas?? I store boat inside in heated storage in Michigan
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Even if inside I think you should!
Can’t hurt
Put in head and galley

Capt Brett M Sause
USCG Master Licensed Captain
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I am in FL and the boat stays in the water 365 with no worries of cold. But, I keep an electric dehumidifier running on the counter and draining into the galley sink. This way it always runs straight out the boat. It keeps the boat very dry and I can set the humidity level to what i want.

I will say at $1,500.00 it is expensive but we never have mold or mildew on the boat. Even keeps the clothes and towels nice and dry.
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I also put a 5 gallon bucket full of charcoal (the kind that does not have the lighter fluid in it) and set it in the galley on the floor. Charcoal will absorb moisture. Then I just toss it in the dumpster come spring and save the bucket for next year. I also put baking soda in a cool whip container with out the lid in the refrigerator and ice maker.

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Thank you guys
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I have always used damp rid buckets when storing my boats on the hard during the winter in the mid-Atlantic. The larger buckets have enough holding capacity for the 5-6 months of storage. I buy them at Lowes or Home Depot. Much cheaper that a marine supply store. I place one in the mid-cabin, one in the v-berth, one in the aft cabin, and one in the helm area.
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Inside heated in Michigan I can't imagine the humidity is very much at all, i know it's extremely dry in my barn when the heater has been running for a while. It can't hurt but you should not need it. I think a fan running with all hatches and drawers opened up is more effective at keeping mold away than any kind of damp rid product. Make sure to open anchor locker hatch and remove all the rode so it can dry. Get a humidistat if you want to know for sure.
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