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Tiara Open Transmission install
Hello, does anyone have experience with DIY installing a transmission while the boat is in the water?
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I replaced a velvet drive 5000 on a previously owned 1997 31 Open while it was in the water....It was a challenge as you need to disconnect the shaft from the transmission and push the shaft back till the prop hits the rudder... Need to support the shaft so the stuffing box doesn't leak...Additionally, you need to support the back end of the motor as the rear engine supports are part of the transmission. I placed blocks under the oil pan and also used a "come-a-long" overhead on a "A" frame to support and allow movement of the motor as needed (up/down).. Getting the bolts out from the flywheel were a challenge as well... Quite a job..... I would not do it again in the water... would haul the boat where its somewhat easier as you don't have to worry about water getting in through the stuffing box.... A more relaxed environment.. M2C
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I removed a ZF tranny from my 31' Rampage a number of years ago, in the water. No problem with stuffing box leaking.

Depending on the age of the engine/tranny combo you should also think about replacing the damper plate while the tranny is out.

Be very careful supporting the engine from under the oil pan. Oil pans are usually thin material & you could crush or puncture the oil pan. Instead, if no other option, block the engine on the bolts that attach the oil pan to the engine.

As ReelMagic said, "A" frame support with a chain hoist would be good too.
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I totally agree with the concern about crushing the oil pan. On my 31 Open w/Crusaders the oil pans were cast aluminum not sheet metal but again the support needs to be placed where you get the most strength. I used a big piece of wood to distribute the load.... Most of the load was taken by the come-a-long and the "A" frame... Not sure how much room there is in the engine room of a Rampage but its tight on a Tiara 31
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