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Good morning from San Diego, CA! Just found this forum & joined.
Good morning Tiara owners!
I’ve just discovered this forum and thought it would be a fun place to get to know other Tiara folks.

I’m pretty far removed from the “yacht” class, having purchased a little 20’ Tiara 2000 powerboat with a cuddy cabin, built in 1979. We live in beautiful San Diego and belong to Silver Gate Yacht Club here.  Prior to last week we have kept our boat and trailer in a boatyard on dry land. When we purchased it (we still have not named it) we were told it should be kept on dry land to protect the engine and propellers from rusting in the salt water.  But it has been a hassle every time we want to take it out.  We have to drive about 12 miles to the boatyard, hitch it up to the truck, drive another 15ish miles to the public launch, go through all the unhitching stuff to get it launched, then drive the truck and trailer back up to park it.  Then do everything in reverse when we come back in.

So, we have been on a waiting list for a slip at the yacht club and were finally notified just last week that a slip finally opened up and it was ours!  Yay!  Of course, the problem now becomes where do we store the trailer now that the boat is in the water!  We’re still working on that issue.

With the boat now sitting in salt water, the next question is how often do we need to haul it out to cleanse everything out of the engine, etc... what? Maybe every six months or so?

We would also like to know if anyone knows the best source for having a cover made for it while it is in the slip?  We have a cover that worked on land, but need a custom cover to fit it in the water, which would also have to have a built-in pouch for the windshield wiper motor which is at the top of the windshield.

Any and all help greatly appreciated Smile
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Welcome to the forum. Keeping it in the water should not be difficult. I am in FL and we have to make sure our zinks stay good and have a diver scrape the bottom of the boat every couple of months (less in the winter). It keeps the barnacles, oysters and slime off the bottom. He also replaces sinks as needed.
Trailer storage is problematic. Back when I had one I was fortunate enough to keep it at my shop, but most don't have that option. I am sure there are public storage places around you that will rent you a spot.
For canvas ask around the docks to see who everyone else used, and look at the actual canvas for a good fit and finish. My marina has a guy who rents a soot there but his work looked like crap. I found a good place by word of mouth and was very happy.
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Good morning from San Diego, CA! Just found this forum & joined.00