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rudder extensions
i have seen sum boats with these on, i assume so when you use the autopilot it catches and steers straighter, anyone have any personal experience with rudder extensions?? sumtimes in rough water my autopilot loses course, thank you
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Mark alot of charters have extended and lengthened rudders to help with tracking while running on one engine. I know holland propeller can sell you oversized rudders or some people will weld extensions onto there existing rudders. I actually drilled into the back of my rudders and bolted on s.s. extensions. Either way you have to understand that it can affect your steering at high speed also especially if not done correctly. It does help with the slow trolling but you still will have times when you have to switch which motor your running due to wind and waves.
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thank you, i usually run with both motors on and use my trolling valves, you think i could just use one engine?? or you think it would be harder to stay on with the autopilot? i did see sum extensions on a ccouple of charter boats in dry storage last month, thats where i got the idea
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Most people run only one engine save alot of fuel and keep hrs. down. There are times when you may need two if your heading into alot of wind or big waves. I'd say 95 percent of the time I only run 1 engine. If your autopilot can't seem to handle it try turning the gain setting up and see if that helps.
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I tend to agree with Reeltimebrad as I troll quite a bit in the Ocean and run on a single engine with autopilot engaged. There are times when I need to use both engines to maintain heading but its not normal... If I see the wind/sea state is causing the boat to fall off commanded heading consistently I swap to the other engine for propulsion.. Don't like the idea of messing with modifying the rudders...M2C
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I install a Stainless-steel extensions to my rudders over the winter in 2019 the plate was 10 " x 5" and it works perfect.  I bought the boat in late fall of 2018 and my buddy who fish out in the lake indicated he did this to his 3100 open and the control he gain when trolling was worth it. The rudders are very small in the 1 st place. Handles great...
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thanks guys, for 20 years i had a 31ft pursuit with gas engines, i ran 1 engine with a trolling bag, never had a problem, now with a 42 ft boat with diesels it seems the only way i can keep the autopilot engaged is using 2 engines, i was told a trolling bag would just get tore up on a bigger boat??
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It really sounds like your autopilot gain may being set properly could be alot of what your experiencing. I switched from bags to trolling valves last year and did not notice any loss of control. That being said I do also have extensions. Check with the guys at abrahamsons in ludington they may be able to help you with the rudders also Hollland propeller.
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lol, thank you, thats were i keep my boat in the winter, abrhanmson, they are great....
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