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A couple of questions........
I’m a recent new owner of a 2005 3200 open w/ Cummins 
The boat has trolling valves installed, there are 2 valves in a small pocket on starboard side next to helm seat. Does anyone know how these are adjusted ? I don’t want to start turning them in/out to see ...........

Also amongst my toggle switches there are 2 that I’m wondering about;
1. Low idle toggle
2. RPM +/- toggle
The RPM on has me confused as to why? It will actually reduce potential power down to a crawl with throttles wide open......

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I have the same options on my 38' Open. The "low Idle Rocker" will reduce your idle speed by 50 RPMs when your in canals or low speed areas running at idle. Not recommended that you run the engines with the low idle switch on for long periods. The other switch is your cruise control. You have cruise control 1 & 2. You can set one for low speed cruise and/or one for higher speeds or anything in between. The +/- adjust those speeds. See your manual, it explains it pretty well. Good Luck Tom

I just re-read your post and I have a question about what you describe as trolling valves. Are they recessed in a small plastic box next to the helm seat? Are there 2 small knobs that you can turn and accompanied by one or maybe two rocker switches? If this what I think it is these are your back-up throttles. Your throttles are fly by wire and these back ups are there in the event of the throttles failing.
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Greatly appreciate your knowledge,
U nailed the 1st part of questions.....

Trolling valves,
One rocker/ it turns them on and off
I wasn’t sure if the knobs would adjust the valves or not.
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If those knobs are trolling valves , which at this point I don't think they are, they would be connected to your transmissions. To make sure follow the leads and determine where they connect. Trolling valves are usually manual cables connected to the transmission, and are individually mounted somewhere in the helm area. They are similar but are larger then the ones you described. No electric switches. I have the exact same set up in 38 with 480CE Cummins. They are used as I described above as back -up throttles. This is from Tara. Sounds like you are hoping they are trolling valves to help catch some of those Lake Michigan salmon. Sorry, but I don't think so. Let me know what you confirm them to be. Hope this helps. Oh by the way, Congratulations on your new boat, Love those 32's
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I’ll get picks of the valves and rocker switch.
I do know that unless I actuate the rocker switch in the box; my trolling valves to not work.
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Ridin high,

Just got back to my boat, you are correct on the knobs being engine RPM valves/controls.

I’ll have to wait till I get her out to try somethings.........
I’ve got a glendenning control system and have some new intell to try.
Below the wheel is a back up rocker for that system.

With the RMP rocker I’m still confused as to why that controls my rpms at all times........ outside of a cruise setting
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Glad you're making progress. I have Glendenning synchronizer and cruise system but, I don't know anything about the switch below the wheel. Also, never tried my RPM +/- other then when the cruise is on. I wouldn't think it should do anything unless the cruise switch was in the on position. One more thing, I have never heard anything good about trolling valves. One of my fellow Tiara boating buddies lost a trans on a 35 Open do to trolling valve malfunction.
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