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This is a two folder...
First, I need to fix my leaking center window on the windshield on my 2000 Tiara 3500 Open.  We have a guy at the marina who has the same issue with his Tiara and he cleaned and used red double sided tape to put a rubber drip edge around the whole window.  Hasn't leaked since, but not sure how well it will hold up.  If anyone knows the proper replacement gasket part number and schematic let me know.

Second, I want to put some sort of carpeting/flooring in the helm and cockpit of the same Tiara.  Preferably something I can snap in place and which drains and doesn't stay wet.  Any recommendations, or does anyone know of a company who has these already pre-cut and ready to go???
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For window. Tiara may have gasket material for vent window.
Have you called them ?
Where is it leaking from ?
I had similar issue with my 01 38’ open

For carpet. I just got a simple non skid backed runner from a online store. Neutral color and low cost

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I had the same boat a few years ago and like many Tiara's with leaking front windows it is usually the drains that are plugged with dirt, After opening the window look in the lower corners of the window and you should see two small drain holes. One on each side. They are visible in the front of the window frame as well. Carefully push a thin flexible wire till its clean. This should take care of your leaks till they plug up again. Good Tom
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This is a two folder...00