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Antifreeze in water lines
Hi everyone looking for advice
I have a 2002 38ft Tiara open can’t seem to get the antifreeze out of my fresh water system from the winter keep running the water, but there is still antifreeze. I have refilled the tank twice already and it’s still there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated ?
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Do you have an inline water filter? If so, open it up and empty it out. Mine always keeps some of the antifreeze in it and mixes it in with the fresh water in the tank.

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Hi misdirection
We do not have a inline water filter. Any other suggestions? Thanxs for ur help
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If you have a drain on your tank, you could fill it and let it drain into the bilge. Otherwise, the only suggestion I have is to fill the tank and let your pump do its thing and repeat...

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Make sure of the following:

ALL water pumps are on
ALL faucets, shower heads, toilets, cockpit shower, etc. are wide open, both hot and cold sides running (remove faucet aerators to speed this up)
MAKE sure the hot water heater is not bypassed and is wide open with water flowing through it (water heater OFF obviously)

Stick a hose in your water intake on the deck and let the everything flush till clean. The pink should disappear fairly quickly. Toilet pink will disappear shortly once you start flushing it a few times.
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Misdirection (06-29-2020)
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You should be able to get all the antifreeze out of the cold water system easily.  If you had antifreeze in your hot water heater (always drain and bypass your hot water heater next time) it's a little tougher.  The heater needs to be drained independently.  After fully draining the system, fill it half way and repeat.  If it still smells, as it probably will, drain again by-pass heater and add some bleach (I'd add at least a quart) and 3-5 gallons of water.  Get this bleach water into all of your lines (this will disinfect them) and leave overnight.  Then drain, rinse and repeat until the bleach smell is gone.  A tiny residual bleach smell is ok.  Your water system should now be perfect.  Don't forget to hook your heater back up while rinsing and repeating. 
(Be careful when the bleach is in the lines the faucets may spit and you can ruin your clothes)
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