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Seastar Steering Cylinder
Lost steering on my '98 Tiara 3500 Express. Found the cylinder seal blown with lots of oil dripping out.
Ordered the cylinder, considering it is 21 years old.
Anyone have experience in changing it out? What about orienting the rudders/rudder angle gauge?
Just trying to anticipate any unknowns.
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Should be an easy install, just swap it out. You will have to bleed the system. Buy a couple of bottles of the seater fluid and the filler hose. When you put the new cylinder on make sure it is all the way in one direction and arttach the bottle to the filler and the unit (there may be a small port on top of your dash that you attach to). Once the bottle and hose are attached poke a hole in the bottom of the bottle (which should be the top now that you have it held upside down) start turning the steering wheel all the way for the opposite direction of the rudder. This will help to fill the one collapsed side while forcing air out the other. Once you get lock on one side turn the wheel back. You may have to keep it up for awhile untill all the air is out of the system but it will happen. Watch the level in the bottle and don't let it suck air.
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