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Temporary Loss of Electric Power to Engine
1995 fuel injected 454 Crusaders. After filling up, started port engine, heard loud "popping sound, and no power trying to restart after at least 30 minutes of letting it alone. Limped back to dock on one engine, hooked up shore power, and after 20 minutes on charger boat started.

Any ideas on loud pop? Could have been a backfire but do fuel injected engines backfire? Could I have somehow fried the starting battery?

Thank you, and call me clueless.
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Turns out the loud popping sound was the port battery exploding. Fortunately, the acid stayed within the battery box and not sprayed all over the bilge. In speaking with others about this issue, it sounds like its not terribly uncommon.
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Another reason to switch to agm batteries. I will be making the switch myself after having extreme off gassing off bad sla batteries a couple times.
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FYI, When you change from wet cell batteries to either AGM or GEL's you need to make sure your house/engine chargers are updated so that the correct charge rate and float voltages are correct. Wet cells are different from AGM's and GELS when it comes to charging/float values.. Discuss with manufacturer for your chargers and alternators...M2C
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