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Tiara Open 2001 Tiara 3800 Open Windshield Wiper Blades?
Hi - Recently bought a beautiful 2001 Tiara 3800 Open...and I’m going through everything, taking care of a growing to-do list.  Next item on that list is to replace the 3 wiper blades...since I noticed when I turned them on, all 3 blades just fell right off.  I think the previous owner didn’t want to take the time to figure out the right types/sizes and just sorta stuck 3 on there without the proper attachments / clips.  I’ve been googling to figure out the right ones with no luck, so it’s time to ask you all!   I don’t want to pay Tiara a ton of money for replacements, I’m good with Bosch or another good brand from Napa or Autozone.  In my googling, I’ve read that they may be Truck wiper blades?  In any case, I would have just taken the current ones down to the store and have them match to find the correct replacements, but I don’t think these are the right ones!  Any 2001 3800 open owners out there that can tell me specifically what brand / model / etc works?  I need all 3 - it looks like the port and starboard ones are longer than the center one...and I assume those two are the same?   Thanks!
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bsause (10-16-2020)
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Just match up at auto parts store. Tiara used speich blades and arms. They cost a small fortune
You get match at your auto parts store and they will work great.
My 2 cents.
Capt Brett

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Take all 3 blades off they are probably slightly different in length

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Thanks for the answer - I really do appreciate it...but I think you missed the point I made that the ones on there now are the wrong I can’t take them to the auto parts store to match them. I’d just end up with the wrong ones again. That’s why I need the specific info on size / type / brand / model for all 3...
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If you want exact measurements call tiara

My best guess is 14” - 18”

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Contact Tiara through their contact form, tell them your issue, they will send you a list of all your wiper parts for your boat. It might take a couple of days for a reply, but they will reply.

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2006 Tiara 3800 Open with Cummins 8.3 QSC's
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I measured my wiper blades today. The port/starboard are 23" and the center one is 21". I have Speich wiper arms and changed the wiper blades several years ago with ones from NAPA using the same length blades as the originals. Believe they cross to truck blades if I remember correctly...
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Thank you.
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