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Tiara T-Shirts
I am looking to buy a few simple T-shirts. On the tiara site, all they have are for a 50 coupe. I am looking for a few simple shirts with the tiara logo. Does such a thing exist?

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Well that sucks. They used to have other shirts with just the Tiara logo on them with a background for fishing or sunset or whatever. I have a couple of them from a couple years ago, I guess they are collectors items now. Call Tiara and request they make them, maybe they will.
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Hi, My business does exactly this, we will create a custom drawing of your boat and produce t's etc of your boat.

Below is the art we created for my 42 open. here is a link to the catalog. [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register]

Happy to help fellow Tiara friends!

Joe Schaden
Outrigger Yacht Products
joe at outriggerimaging dot com
42 Open - C12 Cats
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I think he wants something with Tiara on it and of course you can't do that without permission from Tiara themselves. I own a sign business and here is a t shirt I designed for our boat, again couldn't use the Tiara logo, well probably could have since these are for me only but didn't.

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I like some of those products you have, gonna have to do a little looking around your website.
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Outrigger, I like allot of your work. I sent you an email about a product. That being said, Trit21 is correct. I am looking for some simple tiara T-shirts. Not Crew shirts for my boat at this time. It's funny; you see people that have never set foot on a contender wearing the shirts... I know a few yellowfin owners and i think yellowfin shirts are the required uniform for them.
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i asked, here is the response I received:


I checked with the program manager on this request and found out the following;

Tiara is working on adding some new tees in the next month or so but it will most likely feature a boat style.

The information is being passed on to TIara that there is some interest in a simple t-shirt with the logo.

At this point there is no plans on having any of the t-shirts with just the Tiara logo.

Thank You for Your Business & Have a Great Day,

Melissa Veilleux Customer Service
70 Mt. Hope Ave
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I work for a screen printer, in my other life, as the their production artist and would be happy to assist if I can.

While I don't disagree that using the Tiara logo could cause some issues I would say it's unlikely you would get in hot water with them for printing a few shirts for personal use. Now, if your printing for resale, and stand to make a profit from selling those shirts, you would certainly be crossing the line.

If you want a few shirts just let me know. I would be happy to help.

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