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tuFUZ0cQ Shore power breakers/ surge protectors
I have a 1989 Tiara 36 and need to replace or modify the, I believe, the original "breaker" located just above the shore power input socket.   The current ones have no ID information and I haven't been able to find anyone who knows what they are or their function.   Any suggestions.   Thanks
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My 86 3600 does not have a breaker by the shore power inlet. My dock neighbor has an 89 3600 Convertible and I don't recall one on his either. Are you sure it wasnt installed after the fact? And can you post a picture?

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Here is a link to what you probably have:

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I found this guy in South Carolina still selling them, but they are pricey.

I replaced my 30 amp fuse holder on my 97 Tiara 4000 Express with the following:

Hubbell HBLCISS Circuit breaker inlet cover, and

Blue Sea 30 amp breaker 7365

There was a bit of cutting to enlarge the hole but not much. It fit easily in the original spot.

Some day I'll have to replace the 50 amp side.

Best of luck to you.
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tuFUZ0cQ Shore power breakers/ surge protectors00