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Charles C-Power Automatic A/B Selector
Can these units still be found?-I have 2 on my 2004 Sovran.- One got fried during marina power outages.-Or is there an equivalent replacement unit?
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Do you mean the battery charger or the Charles external reg for the on engine alt's? I have the same boat with cummins power, mine is a 2005

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Hi Ken.-It's the white boxes below the steps down to the cabin.-C-Power automatic A/B selectors.-{2004 44 sovran}.-Bow shore power is out.-The box on the stb side was warm to the touch, and making a buzzing sound.-I could be wrong, but I think these boxes control the shore power.
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I do not have those on my '05. Only have AC and DC breakers under steps and the Battery shut offs. Try emailing Tiara with your HIN, they have a real good customer service team.

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Folkvord (08-27-2021)
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They don't make them anymore. The company still exists but told me the last guy who knew anything about them retired last year. I haven't really looked further as I never use my forward hookups.
Sans Peur 2003 Tiara 50 Open
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Well that's certainly not good news.-We dock bow in at our home dock, so the bow hookup is a must.-Have emailed Tiara, but haven't heard back yet.
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Just a random thought, you might be able to have a marine electrician re-wire the box to have the bow power feed 'come' in on the side of the switch which is good. Other option would be to see what Tiara is using currently to accomplish this same task, bow and stern power feeds.

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Interesting idea.-Already contacted TIARA.They didn't offer any ideas about other solutions.-I will send them another more specific email.

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