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Batt Voltage Gauge
Can anyone tell me which of these battery voltage gauges is original and which has been replaced? This is the helm of a ‘99 4000

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Why do you think that one was changed? I have a 94 4000 and both are the same but they are both labeled engine battery.
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I figured one was changed since they’re difference.
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I did notice that was thinking it's because one for engine one for house. I believe both of mine are like your engine gauge. I'll look on Saturday
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I own a 2003 38 Open and the voltmeters on my boat match the one shown in your picture as the House Battery.. Best I can do to help
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97 31 open both guages on my rig have the red and green markings on them
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Your house battery gauge is the original that tiara used same as my 2001 tiara 3500 open
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Thanks guys!
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