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GG Schmidt
Last year I ordered new porthole screens and gaskets through Tiara. They were able to source them when GG Schmidt had stopped selling retail. When I went to install them this spring, I got the wrong seals. 

I’m working with Tiara to square this away, I’ve learned GG Schmidt was apparently sold and lost a lot of institutional knowledge. Therefore, Tiara is struggling with them right now. 

Just updating everyone on an issue that is raised regularly.
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You'll pay less than 1/2 if you go direct w/GG Schmidt. I found them very very easy to work with directly. Quote from Tiara was ~$450/window + 12 weeks. Direct was ~$220/window + 2 days. Maybe Tiara is the problem in this equation...just sharing my two cents.
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And you did the entire window, right?
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yes but I would bet they'd sell you the parts as well. Definitely worth a shot.
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(05-05-2022, 02:13 PM)hiccup Wrote: yes but I would bet they'd sell you the parts as well.  Definitely worth a shot.
Can you forward there number. Tried both the Pa. and Fl. number with no luck. Where in Florida are they located. Thanks. 
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(05-04-2022, 06:49 AM)hiccup Wrote: You'll pay less than 1/2 if you go direct w/GG Schmidt.  I found them very very easy to work with directly.  Quote from Tiara was ~$450/window + 12 weeks.  Direct was ~$220/window + 2 days.  Maybe Tiara is the problem in this equation...just sharing my two cents.

I have to replace a Schmitt porthole window on my Tiara 36 open.  I received the porthole already.   These have screws on the inside which I removed.   I assume you can then pull off the inside trim although it still seems bonded.   It also looks like the outside trim has tabs to hold it in, so taking the inside trim off first seems like the right way.   I just don't want to damage the vinyl inside wall.   Then I assume the install is in reverse with the outside trim being put an sealed first, then the inside window and trim are installed.    If anyone has any suggestions or improvements on the procedure please let me know.  These are a bit different from those porthole windows with screws on the outside trim.  Thanks in advance for comments.  I will also call Schmitt for advice.
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If their like mine, remove interior screws, on the outside of the bkat, mine had a bead of caulk where the two meet. I had to cut that out with a razor blade. Then gently pry loose on the inside. Once the inside is removed, gently run a razor blade around the outside. Shims are very helpful here to help loosen and pry the outside loose.

Inspect the opening for moisture and repair if necessary.

Install is the reverse. Use a quality silicone in clear when you reinstall.

There are some youtubetv videos out there that show the process.

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I know I'm late here, but figured the following would be useful for someone, at some point.

2001 3800

I decided to replace all 6 portlights.

-Remove interior screws. Some are difficult to access and a 90 degree screwdriver can come in handy.
-Remove the interior half of the clamshell. I found the best way was to open the window and grab it with two hands and pull/rock it back and forth to break the sealant (Tiara used silicone) bond.
-This will expose the bent over tabs screwed to the interior of the boat that holds on the external frame/clamshell. The tabs are underneath the vinyl liner and they were likely installed before the vinyl was. You will have to stretch the vinyl to get to all the screws but it isn't too bad. Once the screws are out, bend the tabs so they clear the hole.
-Getting the frame out was tough. I used a heat gun to soften the adhesive a bit and carefully used shims around the outside lip to pull the frame away from the boat. The danger here is damaging the gel coat.

I removed all the exposed balsa in the window cutout with a chisel and backfilled with thickened epoxy. Fortunately it was all dry.

To put the new windows in was straightforward with the exception of getting the external frame in. I ended up using a bunch of small trigger clamps to get the external frame to completely seat in the opening.
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Thsnk you gor the replies...very helpful. I should be sble to get to this in thr next couple weeks and will post feedback on the process.
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Great info, thanks!
Anyone have a direct number to call?
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