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Fiamm trumpet horn compressor location
I have a 2013 31’ Tiara Open and the trumpet horn on the hardtop sounds like a sick duck. I am looking to replace it, but I don’t see where the small compressor is located. I have emailed Tiara, but have not heard back from them. I’m not sure if it’s in the hardtop itself, but I don’t want to remove upholstery if I don’t have to. My plan is to replace it with a 12 volt electric horn in lieu of the compressor.
Any information is much appreciated,
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It’s behind the Starboard speaker cover just above the fridge/wetbar behind the helm.

FYI - My horn had the same problem and it was due to the air line to the horn being slightly kinked at the connection to the horn.

Good luck!
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Hold on.... The terrible sound you hear may not be the fault of the compressor.... I also have the same horns on my 38 Open and found the problem to be with the plastic diaphragms inside the horns themselves.... Take out the 3 screws holding the top of the horns on and you should see the diaphragms.... Clean or replace them and clean/smooth the top lip of the diaphragm seat.... The diaphragms aren't seating correctly.... Have to do this procedure every several years and seems to always fix thee horns.. M2C
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I ordered new kits from Measure the diameter of the removable covers on top of the horns. I eyeballed the size first and ordered the 2.5". I really need the 3". They sent me the three inch and said to keep the 2.5". They were cheap.

Flamm Horn Replacement Kits
2.5 “Zoro # G7469905
3.0” Zoro  # G7469948
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Thank you all for replies, I actually tried to remove the 3 screws at each horn, but apparently the previous owner tried as well, and stripped the heads of 4 of the 6 screws!
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