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Tiara Sovran 2008 IPS 600
Hello Everyone,

My first post. 

We bought a 2008 4300 Sovran as an early retirement present/ distraction. It was in not the greatest of shape when we bought. I have enjoyed doing what work I can on it to bring it back up to excellent shape. I love the boat. ( Never had feelings for a boat before). Two months after buying it I rebuilt the RACORs. Took it out for a run checking for fuel leaks and had a hose on the raw water side on the fuel cooler come loose pumping salt water into the engine room and into the engines. I did not catch until the engines started loosing RPM. After 6 months now, Sadly, We will be ordering new engines tomorrow. I am told that they are 8 months out and if I went the long block rebuild way that it would take closer to 2 years because of a part shortage. Good news is that insurance will pay a portion, but we will be coming out of pocket quite a bit. My wife not so happy. The electric side of the generator is possibly in need of a rebuild. It had water sprayed into the electrics. The Kubota engine is in great shape. 
Both PODs are in great shape and I would like to sell. I am wondering what else I should try to rebuild and sell or just sell outright. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
Thank You,
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