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2005 Tiara 36 Open
Just closing on a 36.  Surveys went well but as expected for a 2005 there are a few irritating things to fix.  Air horns on the hard top don't work.  I could hear the air pump but nothing came out.  Starbord wiper doesn't even touch the glass HAHAHA.  Fresh water pump #2 isn't working and stuff like that.  Otherwise she is good to go.  Hoping to find good information on this site.  Thanks Rick
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Congratualtions on your purchase. You will be more than satisifed with your Tiara. I own a 2003 38 Open and had a  1997 31 Open prior to the 38.. WRT to the Air horns.... It's not a big issure repairing them based on the problem you described.... Assuming they are the same s mine, Fultone twin air horns you can purchase a repair kit that provides new diaphragms, covers, and screws.(Fultone Repair Kit Part No. 2132311). Need to clean and make sure the seats where the diaphragms are smooth/clean. Should resolve the issue with the air horns.
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That's an incredibly short list for an 18 year old boat! Congrats!
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