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delay when going into gear
just got a 42 open with cummins qsm11 660 hp, coming into the harbor it goes 600 rpm, then when i switch to low idle it goes down to 450 rpm, still pushing a wake, so i basically go in and out of gear to go slowly enough not to throw a wake, so i am basically steering with my gear selectors, my question is when i put it into gear there is about a 2 second delay before it catches into gear, is that about right?? am i doing something wrong??? my last boat was a 30 pursuit with 454 engines but when i put in gear it  was almost immediate, big change for me, lol, to say the least, thank you...
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Our Cat powered 42 open is immediate (we have cable shifters and electronic throttles). I have however run a few boats (all volvo/shaft powered with electronic controls) where there was a delay and this was normal. However I haven't run a 42 with cummins... Are your shifters cable or electronic?

High RPM for us is 700 and we make about 7.2kts (and a wake). Low is 550 rpm, roughly 6kts and still a wake. A lot of times coming into the marina I will just have 1 engine in gear and roughly 20 degrees opposite rudder to keep the boat straight and not make a wake...

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thanks max, i also have a 2003 42 open, does yours have the blue hull??? so does mine, i just got it about a month ago, does yours have trolling valves??? i am in ludington, where are you??

i have trolling valves, what do you think about using them coming in and out of harbor??? those i can bring down to 2mph??? and also using them for docking???
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Ours is an 03 with blue hull as well... I just had it repainted this winter.

The boat splits time between Milwaukee and Door County WI (with a lot of trips to your side of the lake). I don't have trolling valves and haven't run a boat with them (we don't fish). I could see them being helpful coming into the harbors etc to reduce wake, however when docking I think I'd want them off. These boats are one of the better balanced boats that I've run, and the torque when you put it into gear is extremely helpful to move the boat where you'd like just using little inputs from the shifters (we don't have a thruster). I would at a minimum test how the boat handles (in an open area) to see if the torque is reduced when putting it in and out of gear before I committed to using trolling valves when docking.

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thats great matt, thank you
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NEVER USE TROLLING VALVES FOR DOCKING! Putting your trans in reverse while the trolling valves are being used you have a very high possibility of burning out the trans. I learned this from someone who did it and had to have his trans missions replaced.
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