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Tiara Continental 2300
I picked up a 1982 Tiara Continental 2300 late last summer. It had been sitting in a barn for 20 years. The gelcoat had never been touched. So I wet sanded the hull three times working up to 2000 grit. I used two different buffing compounds, then waxed it. It really came out  nice. Near new! The seats also came back after I cleaned and conditioned them. The teak is in excellent condition. And I spent some time oiling all the teak. This has been a fun project. And the boat looks outstanding?. Like a  Tiara should ?.
The next project is the OMC stringer out drive . The coupler has failed. And there are non available. There are several used ones available. But mine was used until it failed. And I have researched the old OMC stuff and there are lots of parts that are unavailable. I am removing the entire drive system. And want to convert it over to Merccruiser! So I am looking for information of any proven proceedures that have been used to do this.
Thank You

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It cleaned up really nice. I would have never thought the vinyl would be any good after sitting that long.

The Mercruiser switch shouldn't be too much of a PITA. Move some motor mounts and possibly have to recut the hole for the gimbal housing mount. Just make sure you reseal any old holes and news ones really well. I would think all gauges cables and steering are going to be different. So make sure you get w working harness to make the job easier.

Post some pictures as you do it.
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My plan is to buy a boat with Merccruiser that has a cracked block, that way I will get all that I need. My engine is fresh. There are several out there for under 2k.
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Is your engine the same as the merc? If it is the same you will be able to use the old rear mounts, shaft dampner and manifolds. If not then you are in for a lot of modifications.
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Not exactly sure. But it is a GMC 350. According to my buddies who know the 350, they all were the same. But I guess I will find out. ?

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Should work. They didn't move any of the mounting holes to my knowledge. The Merc may have the engine positioned either a little forward or back requiring you to move the mounts position on the stringers but that should be about it.

Good luck and post some pictures.
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Yesterday I purchased an 84 2300 that has a new injected 5.7 LX Mercruiser installed.

The pulleys are literally an inch from the hatch. The previous owner had it installed and said they thought it wasn't going to fit at first.
I came here looking for info, but it's almost like they made these on Mars. There very little info about them as far as I can tell so far.
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