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Helm wiring to engine hold

I would like to run a wire from an auxiliary switch on the helm to the engine hold to operate a relay for a bait tank pump.  I have a 2002 2900 Open.  I have tried to run 14GA marine romex through the same opening as the shift cables, but I can't reach the engine hold.  The only thing I have not tried yet is to remove the switch panel in the cabin to see if I can gain access.  Is there another way to access that pathway so I can feed wire?  Other suggestions?

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Have you tried a metal chase thriugh the tube? The romex may not be stiff enough to make a turn.
You can also find a wire that is headed that way and put a string on it. Pull it all the way through, attach your second wire (and another piece of string) to it and pull it back through. Leave the second string in there for future runs and always pull another string each time for the next time.
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