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Diesel fuel winter storage
Have a question, have a cummins qsm11 Diesel engine, first time diesel owner, should I put some sort of fuel stabilizer when storing for winter?? I store indoors heated storage??? I have about a half full tank of fuel right now, any other tips or ideas??? Thank you very much ?
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Diesel will grow algae in it. Especially setting for awhile. I use mine a lot but still put some of the West Marine Biobor-jf in it. So far no issues.
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I've stored my 38 Open for more than 10 years in the water during the winter. Prior to winterizing the boat I fill the tanks (diesel) and add Valvtect (Bioguard).. Been good so far.. Change the RACOR's and on-Engine fuel filters as well prior to putting the boat to bed for the winter. M2C
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In water storage at the town Marina?
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Yep....They install "ICE EATERS" to ensure ice doesn't build up around the poles and the marina in general. I winterize the boat completely and then have it shrink wrapped. So far so good. Quite a few boats winter in the water at the marina and seem to be satisfied as well.... Works for me and others...
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I have stored my 31' Rampage at my dock for many of the last 18 winters (since we moved to waterfront), I winterize all systems except the engines, in case there is a warm sunny day in Jan or Feb so we can take a ride on the bay. I put a heater in the engine compartment with a light in the cabin that I can see from my deck & bedroom to verify power & I take rfegular walks out to the boat (no shirnkwrap). As you say "works for me".
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