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8 Kw Generator
Has anyone tried the wrap around sound shields on there Generators , does it make enough of a difference in noise for the price ?
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On my last boat, non-Tiara, I had a 6.5 kw Kohler generator with a sound shield. There was definitely a difference with and without the sound shield on.

My current Tiara has a Onan. In think it's also a 6.5kw. It does not have an sound shield and isn't any louder than the Kohler was with the shield.

So I think there are a lot of variables that go into it. I know my current generator has a nice hum to you to sleep.

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my 43 Open had an Onan 3600 RPM screamer (mdkwb) and the sound shield made a very big difference. Current boat has an 1800 RPM Onan and the sound shield doesn't make as much of a difference but is still nice to have. Sounds like as Misdirection described, a low hum.
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