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factory hardtops for 2000 3100 open
Good day folks,

New here...Just getting familiar with the layout of the forum.  Was wondering if anyone can advise on the possibility of having a factory/aftermarket hardtop shipped.  I have a soft top currently but would like a hardtop.  Saw an older post for a 36' and it looks great!...looking for the same look as the 36 or 3500open with a factory hardtop.  

I searched some of the older threads and the web but have come up fruitless.

Not much out there...

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks.   Smile
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I am going to be looking into this as well. It is almost time for new canvas and I really do want want to spend all of that cash on canvas I will not be able to use if I am going to go to the hard top. I know of someone in my area that ordered one mid-summer. I am going to track him down to find out if it has been installed.
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Please let me know of your findings.   Wink
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Checkout this guys site. I am going to look into this. Seems like a good alternative and straight forward install. And much lighter.
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Try Atlantic towers.
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Brad, do you have a top from Atlantic? I am talking with them and am hoping to take a run to their shop to check out the product.
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ardoski14 (12-10-2020)
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I do not but for many years I've heard they are the place to go.
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Thanks. I am driving down to meet with them on Tuesday
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Visited Atlantic Towers this morning. They certainly run a good operation and have been doing this for a long time. From what I was able to see all quality products and through conversation they really know how to fit the tops on to a Tiara Arch. Which is what I wanted. I learned of one they shipped to my area about a month ago and I happen to know the person. His boat is stored in doors so I am going to check it out this weekend. So far I am definitely leaning in this direction. Less than half the cost of the factory top, light weight, easy to install my self, not a lot of additional support structure required.
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ardoski14 (12-17-2020), reeltimebrad (12-16-2020)
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If you dont mind, what was the approximate price of it?

I have my 41 Open that is for sale and the main comment is it doesnt have a hard top. I was thinking if I put one on it would help it sell.
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factory hardtops for 2000 3100 open00