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Decision time-Generator vs No Generation-need help
Hi All-
I would love some feedback and/or boater therapy...thanks in advance!

Have a 1996 Pursuit 3100...I have owned the boat for 17 years.
I purchased the boat with a Kohler 7E 6k genset.
I never used the genset and over the years it was more of a zinc for my boat.
Last fall I pulled it and had it reviewed by some honest professionals.
I was quoted 2k to fix and ended up spending 2.2k.
The genset is currently "renewed" almost to new.

Decision-install genset or sell it?

Installing genset involves a good amount of work and costs...400 range.
After install my access to rear under deck systems is reduced by a huge amount.
My large fish box has a major slice removed just so the genset will fit.
I will need to run the genset monthly under load, maintain fuel/water systems.
I am not sure when I am selling the boat so near term additional value for genset maybe minimized (1-2k)

What do I do?  Sell or install?

Why do I do it?  Additional value/rare use case need/common sense?
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I vote NO generator. I owned a 1997 31 Open for more than 10 years w/o a gen and really never missed it... We traveled extensively over the summer for more than 3 weeks each time and did that at least twice during the summer. Many, many weekends each year as well. We always, save a few nights, stayed in marina's so a gen wasn't needed. On the nights we stayed on the hook there was a breeze coming into to the boat from the open hatches.... Traveling included cruises North up the Hudson to Lake Champlain to Montreal. Our eastern trips took us to Newport, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Boston, and points north.  Our southern trips took us down the Jersey coast, stopping in Atlantic City then Cape May, up the Delaware to the C&D Canal to the Chesapeake. Stops in the Chesapeake included Annapolis, the Solomon's, Baltimore,  St Michael's', and Virginia Beach... Each 3 weeks or longer.. M2C
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It’s really a question of how you use the boat, and you answered that question in the post. If you didn’t use the gen before, why put it back in? Before we got our Tiara, I had a smaller 35’ cruiser. Was wired for a gen and considered adding one several times, but rarely if ever found ourselves desperately needing one. I figured at that point, why drag around the extra rate and burn the fuel for no good reason?
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Not sure if you are thinking longer term ownership but a boat without as generator can be much harder to sell if the competitive models have them installed.
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If you have had the boat for 17 years and never used it why would you put it back in? Sell the generator. The money you get for it will offset any difference in resell down the road.
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Not sure if you do your own maintenance or not but if you do you're well aware of the limited space in the engine room and with a gen set in there it's a real challenge. Additionally, when I sold my 31 (w/o gen) I didn't have any problem and it sold with day's of being posted. It didn't seem like a deal killer, at least on Long Island. From what I know many 31's were sold w/o a gen set.... M2C
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The biggest issue selling a boat without a generator to a person that wants a generator is the trouble getting it installed. To add a generator to a boat that is already wired and plumbed for it is easy and should not deter a buyer. Sell the generator since you don't use it. Enjoy the extra space and reduced weight.
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First off, I sold generators for a living for 25 years. Not marine but large industrial/commercial power systems. So I know what’s involved with owning one.
I also own a 3600 Open and when we bought it I removed the generator set within the first month. I didn’t put want to hear it or maintain it. And it took up a lot of space.
I put in 4 - L16 6-volt golf cart batteries and an inverter/charger. It’s been years and I’ve never run out of power while out but we rarely go for more than a night or two. If we did, I’d add larger alternators and charge while underway from the main plants.
The boat is still completely wired for a generator so if the next owner wants one it would be a piece of cake to add.
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Keep the genny stored, if you end up selling prospective buyers have the option. A buyer that wants it will pay 10k more to have it, that's way more than you'd get selling it and probably worth storing.
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(03-18-2021, 06:43 AM)reeltimebrad Wrote: Keep the genny stored, if you end up selling prospective buyers have the option. A buyer that wants it will pay 10k more to have it, that's way more than you'd get selling it and probably worth storing.

Thank you and all fellow owners for the input.

I decided not to install the gen set.

I threw it in my RAV4 and unloaded using 2 2x4s as a is now resting on my car dolly.  Thing weights 200 lbs...was not easy solo...get a friend except with COVID.

I may sell or keep until I sell the boat (I did not think about that one...thanks!)

New gas gen sets in the 7.3 kw range are not cheap ~8k min.  A used price for a similar units seems arbitrary.  If I sell it for 4.5k and local pick up.  

Will keep in garage till Covid is done.

I really appreciate all feedback!

Best Regards/Respect,
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