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Tiara 3600 generator start up procedure
What is the procedure to start the generator on a 2009 tiara 3600 not sure about the battery selection
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I don’t have a 3600 (I have the 4000), but can’t imagine it’s all that different. Once I turn my battery switches on (and check the oil/coolant on the GenSet), I hold the warmup switch for 10 seconds, then start her up.

If I start her from the engine room I then go turn the blower on. If I started her from the panel in the cabin, I typically turn the blower on first.

Since your question was mainly about battery switches, I would think you’d want them all “on.”

Hope this helps!
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Be sure to turn off the major loads that are going to be on the generator before starting it up. Then let it warm up for at least a few minutes and then engage the circuit breakers that are needed. As far as the batteries are concerned as long as you have the engine and house battery banks on you should be fine. If for some reason your batteries are low and you need a boost you can turn on the battery emergency interconnect. That will connect both the house batteries and the engine batteries giving added boost. In addition, when you are finished with the generator turn off All the major circuit breakers and let the Generator cool for a few minutes and then shut down.
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