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Tiara Open Crusader 454 XLi Igniton Relay Failure
Hello All:

I have had repeated ignition relay failures on my 1996 Tiara 3100 Open with Crusader 454 XLi's.  On the most recent failure, I removed the relay and found one burned terminal inside the relay.  Now trying to determine what is causing the relay to fail.  Anyone else have experience with this?


M. T. Gates
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How often are the relays failing? I previously owned a 1997 version of your boat with the same engines, over ten years I replaced three relays. Bob
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What are the symptoms? I have a 1996 31 Open and the engine will crank but will not fire. I do not get the normal startup alarm and high temp/low oil/trans temp red lights when i turn the key. Concerned it may be the fuel injector module but not sure how to test.

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Update - if the check engine and other lights do not come on and buzzer does not sound, that is definitely the ignition relay. I carry spares now. My latest problem was not the relay but a bad connection at the ignition switch. I cleaned the terminals, installed new ignition switches - problem solved. New problem - starboard motor (same problem motor) bogs above 1400 rpm under load. I think it is fuel related -will test fuel pressure an fuel pump and will update this post once solved.

MT Gates
1996 3100 Open
Crusader 454 XLi's
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Update!  Problem Solved!  Replaced both ignition switches and cleaned the terminals - and that fixed the warning lights not coming on when the key was turned to on position. This may also fix the problem of repeated ignition relay failures, because a bad or dirty connection the the ignition switch could cause the relay to fail.

As to my problem of the starboard motor stalling above 1400 rpm - I discovered that I forgot to reconnect one of the battery ground cables back to the motor after installing an additional ground wire for the circuit breaker (black box) bracket.  The loss of the ground was causing a (43) code - Electronic Spark Control Fault (I also purchased the Rinda-Diacom diagnostic software).  Boat now run like a top!!

M.T. Gates
1996 Tiara 3100 Open
Crusader 454 XLi's
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Misdirection (09-11-2021)
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Its a wonderful feeling once you get these issues resolved!

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